Trayectoria Profesional

Personal Details

Name:                         Dr Calixto Arias Iriarte

Known as:                  “Cal”

DOB:                           8th November 1966

Nationality:               Spanish


IELTS Results:            

Sat and passed in Oct 20 2012

Speaking 9.0, Reading 8.5, Listening 7.5 & Writing 7.0 Re sat on 2014, again with an 8.0 average


Interests:                    Traditional Chinese Medicine, Stand Up Paddle Surfing, golf, yoga and meditation

Personal Statement

I am a mature specialist, seasoned through many years of clinical experience.


I believe in optimizing the management of the efficiency and efficacy of the resources at hand, in order to find fair equilibrium among the quality of the treatment rendered to the patients, the waiting list at the community and the average duration of the inpatient stay at the Hospital.


I have experienced that, success in delivering an adequate continuity of care for the patients and their families, highly depends on the ability to create healthy and therapeutic links; not only with the mentioned participants but also with the mental health team members and the other teams and institutions that we must interact with.


When I am working in the community; I like to be there every day, because my patients and their families are there every day. I want to be there to receive the discharged from the Inpatient Unit and their kin; to answer over the phone questions from doctors, family and others; to support the rest of my team and to build strong bonds; to receive my patients in acute state and try to avoid sending them to the hospital, even if that means to see them every single day until they stabilize; to manage treatment changes and collateral symptoms day to day over the phone and make sure the insomniacs are sleeping well; to sit and study new referrals and treatment plans with my team, etcetera.


I see that my job is to be in the community helping the patient, and all others involved,


understand that I care and that I am going to be there every day; making sure, by all means at my reach, that not one of them gets hospital sick and that if it does happen: I am going to be right

there implementing strategies with my team, so we can all avoid it better next time.


I like to think of myself as an expert in hardcore acute emergency psychiatry. I have a passion for descriptive psychopathology and for psychopharmacological interventions in the decompensated stage. I believe that it is the most fertile moment to imprint positive outcomes for our patients.


I feel very comfortable at the Inpatient Unit and at On Call Emergencies, confident in the knowledge that there is nothing that can happen, that I am not able to manage or haven’t already managed in the past.


I feel Acute Care means that I must stabilize the patient as soon as possible and put him back in the community, in the best set up and shape possible. I am experienced in using an aggressive psychopharmacological intervention approach, from day one; optimizing dosage and formulation every day, various times in the same day if necessary, according to the particularities of the clinical picture and the patient’s own individualities.


When I am at the Inpatient Unit: I want to see my patients everyday, I want them to see my face and to hear my voice every day, I want to be their Reality Principle everyday at the In Patient Unit; I have to know how they slept and how they feel every day, so I can adjust the psychopharmacological treatment to fit or make appropriate interventions and/or recommendations, in order to speed up stabilization ; I want to be available for their families everyday; I want to be able to create strong and healthy professional bonds with the Inpatient Team and with the other team members in the Hospital; I want to be able to transmit reliability, efficacy, efficiency and coherence to all of them, through ethics and excellence in every clinical act that I perform.


I am an experienced Psychiatrist with a preference for working at Inpatient General Hospital Acute Wards, General Hospital Emergency Psychiatry Units and also Outpatient Care within the Mental Health Units.


I am fully bilingual in English and currently learning German.


Since obtaining Spanish Psychiatry Qualifications, I have been working as a Specialist Consultant Psychiatrist for the Social Security for 3 years and 10 months now; in a permanent position awarded to me through examinations in 2010.

I hold Legal and Forensic Psychiatrist qualifications (2009) but also Clinical experience while working as a Forensic Examiner for the Ministry of Justice.


Very experienced and expert in the Clinical Management of: First Psychiatric Episodes (both affective and psychotic), Bipolar Disorder, Anxiety and Panic Disorder, Personality Disorders, Complicated Unipolar Depression, Postpartum Depression and Psychosis, Acute Psychosis, Schizophrenic patients, suicidal risk assessment, violence risk assessment, Old Age Psychiatry, ECT and Crisis Intervention.


I have Experience applying Electroshock Treatment and also conducting Psychodynamic and Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy.


I enjoy and have experience teaching general doctors in training and medical students; as well as supervising hospital rotations and clinical interventions for other specialists in training.


I will add value to your service through my: vast clinical experience, both medical and psychiatric; great working capacity and enthusiasm; problem solver readiness; observation of ethics and excellence in every clinical intervention; friendly and good social skills; willingness to be a team player and my deep respect of rank and hierarchy.


My Main Interests are: Inpatient Acute Ward, Emergency Psychiatry, Adult and Old Age Psychiatry, and Teaching.

Clinical Interests for the near future: Pharmacogenetics and Pharmacogenomics applied to Psychopharmacological Interventions.

Current Appointment

JAN 2012 to present day: Permanent Position as Senior Area Specialist Consultant in General Psychiatry; at the Outpatient Unit Gran Tarajal & Jandía Mental Health Units and Fuerteventura General Hospital; Canary Islands Health Department (SCS), Spain.


Duties: Emergency Psychiatry Interventions at the Emergency Ward of the Fuerteventura General Hospital; Emergency Evaluation for acute patients to be admitted to the Acute Ward; periodic evaluation of inpatients at the Acute Ward to determine their return to outpatient units; Periodical evaluation of detected patients at the Outpatient Unit; management of recently stabilized patients; First interviews of newly detected patients; individual, family, and couple psychotherapy; prescription and control of psychopharmacological therapy; On Call Duty during 5 week nights and the following weekend, every month.

*I have a dual role within the Social Security (Spanish NHS equivalent) as a Consultant Psychiatrist in the Outpatient Unit and also in Emergency Psychiatry during On Call Duty at the General Hospital and Inpatient Unit.

Qualifications, Education & Training

JAN 2012-­‐today: Senior Member, Spanish Society for Cannabic Investigations (SEIC) Biochemistry Department. Medical School, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, hospital Gregorio Marañón


JUN 2010-­‐DEC 2010:  Forensic Examiner

Consejería de Presidencia, Justicia y Seguridad, Cuerpo de Médicos Forenses, Medico Legal Institute of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria


APR 2010-­‐ OCT 2010:  Entered National Public Examinations for permanent Psychiatry positions in the Social Security Health Services for the Canary Islands Health Service.


JAN2010:        Senior Member, Spanish Society of Legal Psychiatry (SEPL) Hospital Gregorio Marañón, Madrid


OCT 2007-­‐OCT 2009   Master Degree in Legal & Forensic Psychiatry Legal and Forensic Psychiatry (800 hours) Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Hospital General Universitario Gregorio Marañón, Madrid, Spain


MAY 2006-­‐ MAY 2010: Specialist MIR Degree in Psychiatry

Completion of selective examinations and a four year Residence Training Program

Psychiatry Department, Hospital Universitario de Gran Canaria Dr. Negrín,

CHUIMI – Complejo Hospitalario Insular Materno Infantil

*Completed specialist training in May 2010. Residency program covered the following:

Adult general psychiatry, drug and alcohol addiction, child/adolescent psychiatry, consultation/ liaison, psychiatry of old age, ECT, behavioural and cognitive rehabilitation of chronic patients, psychotherapy, and emergency psychiatry.


JAN 2005-­‐DEC 2005:  Prepared and sat , for the Spanish Examinations in order to gain a position in the Psychiatry Specialists Training Program; succeeded at the end of 2005.


MAY 2001-­‐ MAY 2001: Advanced Cardiopulmonary Support – Update, American Heart Association

Caja Costarricense de Seguro Social, Centro de Desarrollo Estratégico e Información en Salud y Seguridad Social, CCSS-­‐ CENDEISS

JAN 2000-­‐DEC 2000:  Medical Practice Update, General Hospital Rotation Hospital Santo Tomás, Panama Ministry of Health

Dirección Médica de Docencia e Investigación del Patronato Hospital Santo Tomás, Ministerio de Salud, Panamá, República de Panamá


Ten month rotation, two months on each of the following Services: Surgery, Emergencies, Internal Medicine, Paediatrics, Obstetrics & Gynaecology


JAN 1999-­‐ JUL 1999:  “Conceptualization and Management of Sexual Abuse and Incest”. Theorical and Practical Fellowship (200 hours)

Ser y Crecer Foundation, San José, Costa Rica


JAN 1997-­‐JUN 1999:  Postgraduate University Residence in Psychiatry National Psychiatric Hospital, Pavas

Universidad de Costa Rica UCR, Caja Costarricense de Seguro Social, Centro de Desarrollo Estratégico e Información en Salud y Seguridad Social, CCSS-­‐ CENDEISS


*Thirty months experience working in an 800-­‐bed Psychiatric Hospital in Costa Rica while training as Psychiatry Resident.


APR 1996 Advanced Cardiopulmonary Support, American Heart Associatio

Caja Costarricense de Seguro Social, Centro de Desarrollo Estratégico e Información en Salud y Seguridad Social, CCSS-­‐ CENDEISS


JAN 1994-­‐DEC 1995    Scientific  Update  for  General  Practitioners,  Internal  Medicine, Family and Community Medicine, Surgery, Paediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynaecology (800 hours)

Caja Costarricense de Seguro Social, Centro de Desarrollo Estratégico e Información en Salud y Seguridad Social, CCSS-­‐ CENDEISS


JAN 1993 Doctor Degree in Medicine and Surgery

Universidad de Ciencias Médicas UCIMED, Facultad de Medicina, San José, Costa Rica. National College of Physicians, code 4344, San José, Costa Rica


1992-­‐1993       Mandatory General Hospital Medical Internship, Hospital Rotations:


January-­‐March: Internal Medicine Department Hospital San Juan de Dios, San José, Costa Rica April-­‐June: Surgery Department

Hospital Max Peralta, Cartago, Costa Rica

July-­‐September: Obstetrics & Gynecology Department Hospital San Vicente de Paul, Heredia, Costa Rica October-­‐December: Paediatrics Department

Hospital Max Peralta, Cartago, Costa Rica


DEC 1992    Medical Degree with Cum Laude Probatus Honors

Universidad de Ciencias Médicas UCIMED, Facultad de Medicina San José, Costa Rica

DEC 1991        University Research Award, First Place Honors Physiology and Physiopathology Department, UCIMED


JUN 1989-­‐DEC 1990   Baccalaureate in Health Sciences and Medicine with Summa Cum Laude Probatus Honors. Universidad de Ciencias Médicas UCIMED, Facultad de Medicina, San José, Costa Rica


OCT 1985-­‐JUN 1989   Medical  School.  Universidad  de  Navarra,  Facultad  de  Medicina, Pamplona, Spain


JAN 1985-­‐ OCT 1985   Public Selection Exam for eligibility at Medical Schools, Madrid, Spain


OCT 1983-­‐ JUN1984   International Baccalaureate. American Community School, Hillingdon, London, England Advanced Biology, School Award. Advance Chemistry, School Award


OCT 1982-­‐JUN 1983  Oxford and Cambridge ‘O’ Levels, Mill Hill School, London, England.

Professional Memberships & Affiliations

Senior Member of the Spanish Society of Legal Psychiatry, SEPL.

Senior Member of the Spanish Society for Cannabic Investigations, SEIC.

Medical Resident Representative before the Technical Directive Committee at the Hospital Universitario de Gran Canaria Dr. Negrín.

Congress participation

Poster Admitted for Contest at the XII National Congress De Psiquiatría, Valencia 2008:

Arias Iriarte, I. Horcajada Herrera. “Systematic Data Retrieval Instrument for the Administration of Electroconvulsive Therapy with Quality Criteria (IRSTecDATA)“. Instrumento de Recogida Sistemática de Datos para Administrar Terapia Electroconvulsiva con Criterios de Calidad (IRSTecData)”. The Psychiatry Department and The Microbiology Laboratory Quality Department at the Hospital Universitario de Gran Canaria Dr. Negrín.


                            Thank you for your patience.